8 Reasons Why Sex Is Good During Winter


Just like mood swings, sex drive transitions from season to season. It is medically proven that couples have sexual intercourse more often during colder climates than in summer. Regular sex improves the quality of a relationship. The bond grows stronger and deeper while most women state that they are eventually more attracted to their partner. 

Facts About Winter Sex

Men on the other hand become more affectionate to their female counterparts after sexual intimacy. This happens generally, but it’s more satisfactory during winter. But how does winter play an important role in driving sex mood and why are some questions this article will give you an insight into. 

Interesting Facts About Winter Sex

Wrapped up with a scarf, hat, or a thick cozy jacket and enjoying the cool winter breeze? Well, it’s a beautiful season to increase sex drive. Here are some facts you need to know about winter sex. 

  • It can increase sex drive and simultaneously decrease it depending on your partner’s interests and priorities. 
  • Winter sex makes you more fertile.
  • It increases sperm count
  • Men have increased sexual interest during winter
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Fights stress faster than during hot summers
  • Natural immunity Booster
  • Strengthens the relationship between you and your partner. 
  • Increases attractiveness towards your partner

8 Reasons Why Sex Is Good During Winter 

Scientifically speaking, winter sex is undoubtedly the best time for you to strengthen your relations bond. So, what are the benefits of winter sex, and how does it support your overall health. Here are  6 reasons why winter sex is good for you. 

1. Best Time To Get Pregnant

Noticeably, most births seem to take place between August and September. This is because the monsoon season makes it cold and enables you to indulge in sexual intercourse. What is more surprising is that winter increases sperm count and speeds up pregnancy. Men turn out to be more attracted to women during winter and this in turn boosts their sperm count. Thinking of pregnancy? November and December are the best time to do it. 

2. Best Time To Burn Calories

Did you know that less exposure to sunlight results in the accumulation of more body fat? Yes, you can put on a few kgs during winter, and yet it’s the best time to burn it with sex. Winter reduces outdoor activity and the best natural way to burn those calories is having good sex. On average women burn 70 calories during sex while men burn 100 calories i.e. 3 calories every minute to be precise. Why go out for a walk or jog when you can just spend some quality time with your bed partner. 

3. Creates Positive Thinking

Cuddling with your partner on a cold misty night is the best feeling ever. Cuddling releases oxytocin which is a love hormone that increases high sexual urge and attraction with your partner. It also helps you think positively about your relationship that builds the bond stronger and tighter. Oxytocin also reduces depressive thinking and makes you more caring. This hormone helps you build a sex-friendly environment with you and your partner. 

4. Natural Immunity Booster

As the climate changes, our bodies get introduced to this sudden change that in most cases leaves us sick. This does not necessarily mean that our immunity levels are low. It is because of a sudden climatic change that makes the body take its time to adapt. Winter sex can boost your immunity and protect you from the common cold and flu. This is because winter sex helps produce more immunoglobulin A which is a substance that fights cold, flu, and fever. 

5. Winter Socks Increase Sex

It is medically proven that women who wear socks during sex have higher rates of achieving an orgasm. This is indeed a psychological phenomenon wherein socks provide extra warmth and a sensation of having more sex. Here are the trick guys. Keep your woman warm and cuddle. This will improve sexual attraction.

6. Creates Sexual Attraction

There are two possible things that winter can help boost sex drive. One is by keeping you covered with warm clothes that make your partner crave more from you. The other is the cold winter breeze that pushes you to achieve a sexual feel. This is again a psychological feeling where sexual pleasure builds and results in sexual attraction between you and your partner.

7. Makes You Happy

Did you know that sex makes you feel happy? Yes, sexual activity releases endorphins which is a happy chemical that reduces stress and pain within the body. If you are suffering from a lack of sexual interest or depression, then consider cuddling with your partner and make love. Endorphins are usually released due to exercising and sex is the best exercise you should consider during winter. 

8. Men Crave For More Sex

The cool winter breeze accompanied over a warm fluffy blanket is the best time for sex. If you notice that you man is initiating sex in such a scenario, be sure that he’s turned on due to climatic reasons. Men develop a higher tendency to have sex during winter months and this can be trigger due to lack of skin being exposed during colder seasons. 

Foods That  Boost Winter Sex

Spice up your sex life by consuming the right foods during winter. Foods like walnuts, watermelon, strawberry, and almonds do you good. Here is what you need to know about these foods that boost winter sex. 

Foods to Increase Sex Drive Description 
Walnuts It increases the quality, shape, movement, and vitality of sperm. In simple terms, it increases fertility. 
Watermelon Increases libido and erection. A bite of watermelon improves your sex performance. 
Almonds Helps you maintain the erection for longer periods. It also improves blood circulation and relaxes blood vessels. 
Dark Chocolate  It releases serotonin and endorphins that are happy hormones. These hormones boost sex mood and improve libido. 
Coffee Caffeine spikes up your sex drive. A glass of coffee can do work well for you.  
Eggs Eggs increase erection and are best for those suffering from erectile dysfunction. 


Planning to have a baby? Winter months are the best time of the year to experiment. This is because sex during winter makes you fertile, has an erection for a longer time, and helps you stay in bed for longer. Moreover, here are some frequently asked questions that will throw some light on winter sex and its other facets. 

1. What is seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?

SAD is a condition where some people begin feeling sad that summer or winter has come to an end. This creates disappointments and extreme loneliness. The best way to avoid such feelings is to cuddle in bed with your partner. 

2. Can Ayurveda boost sex drive?

Yes, an ayurvedic herb called Ashwagandha is used to relieve stress, boost vitality, improves immunity, and increases muscle strength. All of these factors ensure you have a good sex life. 

3. Which fruit acts like viagra?

Watermelon is the best fruit to boost sex drive. It acts as a natural viagra. So, want to boost sex drive and increase erection? watermelon will do the trick. It relaxes the blood vessel similar to viagra and is used to treat erectile dysfunction. 

4. What can I do to make my penis strong?

Achieving an erection that lasts you long could contribute to healthy sex life. Here’s how you can strengthen your penis. 

  • Stay hydrated
  • Regular exercise
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Get good sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Avoid tobacco
  • Do not drink before having sex.

5. What time of the day is best for sex? 

Regular sex is an exercise that not only strengthens the bond but also ensures that you have a perfectly tuned up body. So, the best time of the day to have sex is at 7:00 am. This will ensure that you immediately exercise and get going to the office. 

Winter is the best time to explore the indoors and spend a great time in bed with your partner. Cuddle your way through thick cozy blankets and socks and enrich your sex lives. Live Healthy, Stay Safe!


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