Taking Food Supplements on Daily Basis – Good or Bad?


Can I take protein powder daily? Which protein powder is best or worse? How much amount should I take? Are there any harmful effects if I take protein powder daily? Is this right if I take multivitamins regularly?

So many questions which come to your head, when you think to have supplements on daily basis. Think once,if you take the supplements without having a deficiency and any medical problem then what does their effects on your body?

Food Supplements

In addition, you may also concerned about contamination of foods like vegetables, fruits, cereals, spices,eggs etc you might think that it would be better if you can include any supplements in your diet. Alternatively, you can find the ways to get organic foods too. Also if you have busy schedule to take enough nutritious food, then it is convenient to take supplements to fulfil your nutrients requirement. I will say here that foods have their own value which fulfil your appetite and satiety levels. Without foods, supplements are waste.

Supplements Are Not For All:

You should know that when, how and what doses of supplements you need and also about their side-effects if these are taken too much and unnecessarily,  So before taking any kind of supplements, you should at least think about these points.

Do you have any Nutrient Deficiency?

The first thing which should come to your mind that you do have any nutrients deficiency?  If you are not sure it then take an advice from a physician and qualified dietician or nutritionist. It is wrong practice to take a supplement by own without having any knowledge. I have seen in my practice that people are taking three to four types of supplements daily without any health professional advice. And also you may think about the person who suffers serious illnesses not able to take sufficient calorie intake, they need proper doses of supplements. For a healthy person, it is recommended that they take nutritious and well-balanced meals i.e whole grain cereals, pulses, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, egg, fish, lean meat, milk and milk products etc rather than taking supplements.

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When Do you Need an Extra Dose of Nutrients?

The recommended daily allowances are different for an athlete and sports person than the normal. They need to do work hard and go through intensive training to reach their goals, so they require extra loads of nutrients and calories, which they can meet their requirement by taking foods with supplements, so it is best to take advice from a qualified dietician and sports nutritionist. Women also need extra nutrients during pregnancy and lactation.  In pregnancy, women need extra calories, proteins and minerals like iron, calcium, folic acids etc to improve

development and growth of a fetus. In lactation also needs extra calories and proteins for sufficient milk production.

Are There Any Gimmicks Which You Are Highly Influenced By?

Protein powder is common nowadays, and people are taking it without any advice. Vegetarians get protein from vegetarian sources such as pulses, legumes, peas, soy, milk and milk products, nuts, seeds, few vegetables etc. Yet, they have to take an advice from qualified dietician or nutritionist. She or he can inform you that how much will be adequate?  For non-vegetarian people, there are lots of options in protein-rich foods like eggs, chicken, fish,lean meat, seafood etc. Whey protein powder is helpful in repairing muscle tissues. Too much protein intake can lead pressure on kidneys. Those people who are having kidney diseases, for them, taking protein powder.. big no, no.

Is It ok If You Take Supplements With Prescribed Medicines?

Some supplements may interact with your medications too. If you are on medication, before taking any supplements, you should ask qualified physician or sports nutritionist first.

How Long Should You Take The Supplements?

Any supplements which prescribed by healthcare professionals,it should be recommended up to 3 months if it suits you well, so the desirable benefits can be seen in this period.

Some tips which will be helpful while taking supplements are:

  • Go easy on supplements, so do not take overload of supplements i.e too much quantity and types of supplement once at a time. Try fewer doses first then increase doses gradually in a week, two weeks and so on. Too much of any supplements may cause many health problems like liver toxicity, kidney stones, muscle pain, nausea, gastrointestinal upset i.e constipation and diarrhea, thyroid problems etc. So it is best to know the recommended doses which can be advised by qualified healthcare professionals.
  • In sports, supplements will be advisable according to a type of sports, intensity, and duration, ask your qualified sports nutritionist about the supplements and their doses.
  • Take your supplements as directed on the package during or after a meal, and drink plenty of fluid as well, it will be effective as it is taking in that way and also it may help to prevent any side effects.
  • Most of the vitamins and minerals supplements can cause nausea, heartburn and often gastric disturbances if you take them in empty stomach. It is the best way if taken with meals or after meals.
  • Calcium and iron supplements should not be taken together, because calcium may interfere with iron absorption, So if you are taking iron-containing supplements with a breakfast meal, take calcium with other meals throughout the day.
  • Vitamin c rich foods should be taken, if you are taking iron supplements for better absorption.

Currently, markets are being flooded with some adulterated supplements which can be extremely harmful to health because they included toxic substances and steroids. It is almost impossible for a lay person which ones are fake. Those who are going to gym regularly, getting offer to take this or that supplement. People need to think that moment why do they need that supplement and what may be their side-effects? First of all, they need to know about who can offer that supplement. Is he/she a qualified doctor or sports nutritionist or a dietitian who has right to recommend any supplement? Nowadays, people are so overwhelmed to gain or lose weight, do not think a moment before taking any supplements. We should keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure. Always take precautions before taking any supplements.



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