Medlife Bags the Best Pharma Delivery E- Platform Award


Medlife won the title of India’s Best Pharma Delivery E-Platform Company of the Year Award, at the 5th Annual 2018 India Best Practices Awards hosted by Frost & Sullivan. The brainchild of Frost & Sullivan, the Annual Best Practices Award is presented to companies who are making path-breaking progress in fields like Digital Media, Energy & Environment, Electronics & Appliances, Industrial Automation & Process Control, Mobility, Metals & Minerals, Transformational Health, and Tech Vision.

 Best Pharma Delivery E- Platform Award

Medlife India which currently occupies 45% of the e-pharmacy market space has made a name for itself as a trustworthy and fair practice brand. Medlife focuses on providing quality healthcare at affordable rates to its customers. launched as an effort to reduce the amount of harassment and confusion a customer faces while availing healthcare, right from getting a consultation from a doctor to getting an appointment for suggested tests, accessing medicines and a follow-up checkup if required.

Medlife strives to bridge these accessibility gaps under one name by providing customers with the option of e-consultation from Medlife’s panel of expert doctors, direct upload of prescriptions and speedy doorstep delivery of medicines, customers can also opt for health check-up packages from Medlife Labs, and even seek further help from our doctors. Not only this, Medlife provides all these services at a discounted rate, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to access quality healthcare.

Medlife is also extremely particular about the quality of the medicines, it sells. Each medicine is produced either at Medlife’s parent company, a famous and trusted pharmaceutical brand in India or sourced from licensed and trustworthy chemists and stockists.

After facing success in metros, Medlife as a company, Medlife is now looking to expand its network and services to tier 2 & tier 3 cities. As a company, it is also expending resources in educating a customer about the e-pharmacy approach and how they function.

What is an E-Pharma?

An e-pharmacy or online medicine shop is a web-based platform where an individual can access prescription medicines and other healthcare products and expect doorstep delivery of the said products under record time.

Why should one opt for E-pharmacies?

There are several reasons for why one should opt for online pharmacies here are a few:

  • Less Effort Intensive: A customer does not have to stand for hours at a pharmacy to be able to get service and medicines, nor does he/she need to hunt down pharmacy after pharmacy for the availability of a certain medicine.
  • Verified Purchase: Each purchase from an e-pharmacy can be easily tracked, right from sourcing of the medicine to its delivery everything is well recorded, hence, when you receive a product, you rest assured that it is genuine
  • Range of Options: E-pharmacies can sell branded as well as generic medicines on the same platform, thus, a customer gets to choose how much he/she wants to invest in medicines, as generic medicines are comparatively cheaper than branded medicines and have the same strength but instead of forcing a cheaper option on the customer, e-pharmas allow the customers to make a conscious choice.
  • Prevention of Drug Abuse: Since e-pharmacies are required to justify the sale of every prescription drug including paracetamol, they always ask for prescriptions before the sale of such drugs, which means that this could help curb drug abuse among patients.
  • Privacy: Your online pharmacy is not run by the next door pharmacy person who knows everyone in your family, and can potentially gossip about any medication you are taking or health issue you are facing, which means that you won’t be judged for your ailments.
  • Attractive Discounts: Nearly every e-pharmacy provides a 20%-30% discount on every purchase, along with heavy seasonal discounts.

How do E-pharmacies work?

There are two market strategies that are employed by e-pharmas. A pharmacy could use one or both the forms to ensure that you as a customer receive products at shortest possible time at your doorstep.

  • Centralised Stock Dispensing System

Under this model of functioning, an e-pharmacy has a centralised stock base in one part of the country, from where it dispenses stocks to the areas based on their demand and availability. This centralised stock system could be tiered, with one central stock house, several nodal stock houses, along with local stock houses to make the process more robust and efficient.

  • Market Collaborations

Market collaborations are little easier to understand. Here the e-pharmacy platform ties up with local pharmacies and depending on your order as well as locality, a nearby pharmacy is informed of your requirements. This pharmacy is then responsible for ensuring that your order reaches to you in time.


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